Upcoming Automotive Events In July!
Upcoming Automotive Events in July
July 4, 2015
A Night of Sexy Rides – S2000 Owners Night Drive
July 7, 2015

DriveRite Tarmac Rally-X Reversing the Fun

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July marks the start of a busy period for Singapore motorsports. There’ll be a flurry of motorsports activities lined up back-to-back to delight local motorsports enthusiasts. One of the major events happening in July is the popular DriveRite Tarmac Rally-X series. Round 3 of the series – the “Anti-clockwise Mastery” – will be held on 26 July 2015 at Malacca International Motorsports Circuit (MIMC). This comes three months after Round 2 of the series – “Clockwise Mastery” – took place on 26 April 2015.  

Previously in Round 2 …

“Clockwise Mastery” was all about mastering the clockwise circuit at MIMC. Participants had the luxury of time on the circuit to perfect their racing lines and better their own timings. To provide additional support for drivers new to track driving, instructors from Grip Academy were on hand to guide drivers and demonstrate fundamental track driving techniques. In addition, QSTARZ lap timers were also deployed to provide accurate lap timings and to help participants keep track of their progress throughout the day.

“Clockwise Mastery” was a big hit with participants, and Event Organiser DriveRite would like to extend special thanks to their Sponsors who contributed to the event’s success: SP Line Trading for Whiteline; Motorvac by Bynergy Asia Pte Ltd; Ducatus by Unicla International Pte Ltd and JMB SynerGiz for SOOCOO, Official Media REV Magazine, technical specialists from Whiteline, SK Garage and Ready2Track, and finally the instructors from Grip Academy.IMG_3897

One of the “Clockwise Mastery” participants, Mr MK Yoon, shared with Automoment that he thoroughly enjoyed the event. “The overall experience was good and refreshing. There are no other events held in this manner, such as controlling the number of cars entering the circuit. You do not have to worry about the total number of participants and participants are ensured of sufficient track space.” Yoon added that he was very much looking forward to the next DriveRite event.


After two successful rounds of clockwise fun at MIMC, DriveRite will be REVERSING the fun for Round 3 – by providing participants with an opportunity to master the anti-clockwise circuit of MIMC! All the slots for Round 3 were swooped up within a week of the event’s launch. This is no surprise given how well-organised and well-received past DriveRite events have been. This past track record is coupled with the novelty of MIMC as a new motorsports playground close to the great food and fun to be had in the charming city of Malacca.

What can we expect from the upcoming Round 3? 

According to DriveRite Event Manager Mr. Darion Lim, participants can expect ample seat time to master the anti-clockwise direction of the circuit. Grip Academy will once again be on site to provide additional track driving guidance for newcomers. Another exciting feature will be the “F-Tuned Racing Ride-Along Experience” whereby F-Tuned Racing-prepped demo cars driven by highly-experienced race car drivers will be available to provide “taxi rides” to participants or even their friends and supporters. 

Round 3 of the DriveRite Tarmac Rally-X Series looks to be an exciting one for both newcomers and regulars, with the change in new track direction and the chance to ride along in specially-prepped demo cars. Automoment is looking forward to another fun weekend at Malacca, and so should you! For more information on DriveRite’s motorsports-related events, driver training programmes and road trip adventures, please visit http://www.driverite.sg.

Photos and Text by Royston Chong

Edited by Darion Lim