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August 16, 2017
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August 30, 2017

FORCA Generation X Time Attack Round 2


Written By Chase Lim

FORCA Generation X Time Attack Round 2, where only the Elite Rules!

Started as a hobby 4 years ago and now into my semi-pro shooting, this is my first ever experience that a grassroots motorsport event attracted the biggest number of participation, say Ishraqi Mokhtar, official photographer for Malaysia Motorsport Media.

This event have excited many, not only Ishraqi get to photograph 165 street modified cars speeding down the hairpins bends, participants also get their opportunity to race hard to win the top prize of RM1,000 cash, proudly sponsored by FORCA Energy Drink, for the Open Category.

Be it that your car having the superb number of horses, or you speeding down Sepang International Circuit or Pasir Gudang, it doesn’t matters. Cos the hairpins-torturing circuit isn’t a power-designed track and it will just break driver’s ego.  Exaggerated?  Well…join us in the next Time Attack, say Sen Koh, podium winner for Rear Wheel Drive Open Category.

Chase Lim, team leader for Project SG Racing Crew, shared that he is proud of Shane Ang and Sen Koh for achieving great results in races held in Elite Plus Speedway Circuit.  Not only both drivers get good exposure, they also get to spend moment with other Malaysian racers, exchanging tips and sharing their racing experiences.

Elite Plus Speedway Circuit is an ideal place for  smaller capacity cars as power advantage has been eliminated with practically no long straights. Its definitely a test of driver’s skills  and reflexes, said Shane Ang, Supersonic Evo driver. 

Other than minor language barriers, I felt that Malaysian events are extremely lively and it is one of the most supportive community I ever witnessed, which we rarely experience in Singapore events.  Many contestants brought their entire family to the events.  Countless media crews and avid motorsports fans, the grandstands and galleries were often filled with audiences. The Malaysian motorsports community greeted foreign competition with grace and mutual respect. Cheers can be found even when non-Malaysian drivers step up for the podium awards. That’s an unforgettable experience! 

So we have heard from the crews. Game enough to join the Elite race? Then feel free to get in touch with Project SG Racing Crew via FB, we are very sure that your journey with they will be a very different and unforgettable experience.

Nevertheless, let’s congrats our 3 Singapore representatives for securing podium in the Malaysian racing categories, include winning the Fastest Time of the Day by Shane Ang! The fruitful results proven that with positive attitude and determination, ones can achieve the unimaginable.  Congratulations guys!

Open Category – Shane Ang, Champion and Winner for Fastest Time of the Day

Rear Wheel Drive Open Category – Sen Koh, 2nd Runner Up

1,600NA – Chase Lim, 2nd Runner Up