Interview with Team ACMA Hyper Attack
August 2, 2017
Photo Highlights of Sucimuci Time Attack 2017 Ver. 3
August 9, 2017

Interview with Team ACMA Max Attack

Autotest Round 2-41

Car : Toyota 86, Suzuki Swift Sport

1)Everyone knows ACMA now has 2 teams for the Team Challenge. Harold and Hutch form the ACMA Hyper Attack, and both of you, Jeremy & Chase are Team ACMA Max Attack.  Both teams have been performing well in the Team Challenges so far. Tell us, how does it feel being part of such a strong and competitive group. 

Jeremy : It’s an honor to be in such a strong team. I’m grateful to veteran racer Chase for believing in me & (ACMA Boss) Alvin for giving me the chance.  

Chase :  I am delighted that Alvin (ACMA’s Boss) offered me the privilege to join Team ACMA, a recognition which meant alot to me.  I love the freedom and trust Alvin gives to the drivers. This bonds us with confidence, enables us to fully commit and focus on the race.  

Autotest Round 2-36

2) What are the challenges you experience during Autotest? Which are the areas you think can be improved?

Jeremy : The challenges I’m facing are consistency & tyre management throughout each race. Rectifying my mindset & a more disciplined driving should help me improve. Also, having ACMA technical support crew on site during each race is a big ease off my mind to focus on driving.

Chase : To perform at ones best, I always believe in using a car which you’re are familiar with, driven on all road condition, weather, a car which you know in and out.  That’s the reason why I’m using my daily Swift for all events. Maybe I should say familiarity is the strength which helps, even if I am having a underpowered street car.


3) Overall, do you think Autotest is a good platform for beginners? What would you say to those street drivers out there, to encourage them to take up this sport?

Jeremy : It’s definitely a good start for beginner. It’s a very safe & controlled platform for understanding your car, improving your driving skills & awareness. Besides, it’s just great fun hanging out sharing the love of motorsports with all the grassroots community!

Chase : Yes, I made lot of friends during the events.  Today achievement wouldn’t not be possible without sponsorships from ACMA Engineering, FK Massimo High Spec Engine Oil and Hiap Hong & Co.  Also, my teammate Jeremy for looking out for me, Team ACMA like Danza, Kong, Alvin the big boss, Sylvester, Hutch and Harold. They are my family and meant a lot to me.  Also to all my supporters especially those racers in Malaysia, Thank you!