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June 3, 2016
Photo Highlights of TwoBenRacing @ MCS Round 1
June 16, 2016



Young and inspired Singaporean driver Matthew Ng made his debut in the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) Round 1 in May 2016 under Team TwoBenRacing.  It was an eventful debut as he encountered a track incident in Race 1 and a flat tyre towards the end of Race 2. 

Matthew Ng, 24, started the sport when he joined the Redbull Rookies in 2012. Since then, he has participated in numerous competitions in Malaysia at the grassroots level. Matthew had also competed twice in the Malaysian S1k competition prior to 2016. 


Automoment caught up with Matthew after the eventful weekend for a short interview. 

Interview With Matthew

Automoment:  Hi Matthew, we believe this is your maiden experience for MCS. How would you describe your debut? 

Matthew:  The weekend for Round 1 was a tough one. In Race 1, we saw a DNF to an incident at T9. That placed us at 15th on the starting grid for Race 2. During Race 2, despite working my way up the field to P5, we suffered from a blown tyre on the last lap. Thus concluding our race weekend with 0 points. 

Regardless of the setbacks, the debut was a great test of our team’s overall pace, and it provided a good insight to the potential of Two Ben Racing. Not only was it a maiden experience for me as a driver, but it was also the first time I am building a car from ground up, and entering MCS with a virgin team!! The camaraderie within the team is strong and I am proud of what the team has become. 

Automoment: Having participated in numerous races in Malaysia, how different is MCS from the usual grassroots races?

Matthew: MCS is definitely on a different level, with the participation of many veterans from Malaysia. The amount of detail involved in getting the car certified for the Touring Production Category is also an eye opener. The largest difference has got to be the closeness in performance levels of the cars, and the level of competition within the category itself.

Automoment: Round 2 is scheduled in August, and with it being Endurance in nature, are there any particular aspects you are concerned with?

Matthew: We are currently concerned with tyre management, as we suffered from a inner side wall delamination on the last lap. Extensive testing has already been on-going and we are certain to yield better results in Round 2.

Automoment: Any other thoughts you would like to add on?

Matthew: As a team, we’ve picked ourselves up from Round 1 and we are ready to use all the data that we have collected to our advantage.

Round 2 of MCS will be held in August 2016. Stay tuned on Automoment as we tag along with Team Two Ben Racing to bring visual highlights and updates of their progess.

Article by : Royston
Photos by : Moses