Photo Highlights of Sucimuci Time Attack 2017 Ver. 3
August 9, 2017
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August 16, 2017

Sucimuci Time Attack 2017 Ver. 3


Written By Chase Lim

Photos By Fidelio Philips and Ishraqi Mokhtar

30 July 2017

Elite Speedway PLUS Circuit, Puchong, KL, Malaysia

Travelling more than 300km up north, it was Project SG Racing Crew 3RD participation in the Time Attack in Elite Speedway Plus Circuit.  The competition was held on the 30 July 2017, attracting a total of 90 over motorsport enthusiasts to compete in 13 categories, with everyone fighting hard to secure a podium.


Sucimuci Motorsports is honored to welcome their 1st Singapore Sponsor, ACMA Engineering Works and Trading Managing Director, Mr Alvin Chee to the event.  Being 1st time present at Malaysia’s Grassroots Motorsport, the feel and the way the event was organised, was very different from Singapore and, I enjoyed it! said Mr Alvin. It was a great experience to have motorsport sponsors from neighboring countries to come together, to support the grassroots event.


With a track length of 990 meters, 14 turns/hairpins, the Elite Speedway PLUS Circuit in USJ, Subang, is the most distinguished micro tracks for race events in Malaysia.  Not only that it is popularized by many event organizers, Elite Speedway is also the most technique-demanding circuit that is well-liked by many motorsports enthusiasts.

Started the briefing at 8.50am, organizer, Mr Niezarm briefed to ensure all drivers were aware of the do’s, the don’ts when in the circuit. As always, 1 very important point which all organizer always emphasized, know your limit.  Anytime a driver spin out, run out of the track and damage any circuit properties, unless payment for the damaged property is made, his/her cars wound be impounded otherwise.


Elite Circuit is fun and very special to me.  It’s unlike any other track, you just keep wanting to come back to Elite for more, said Smith Foo, driver from Project SG Racing Crew.

Another crew, Benjamin Wong shared, participating in the Malaysia races not only allow me to experience a different race culture, it provides interaction and bonding among the camaraderie of both countries as well.

At the end of the day, we were proud that Project SG Racing Crew achieved fantastic result by winning a total of 5 podiums for the Time Attack race.  Making it a double win, team member, Sen Koh, the 3rd Racing Crews after Lance Chua and Shane Ang is awarded the ‘Fastest Timing of the Day’.  Well done and congratulations to all members of Project SG Racing Crews!

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1,600cc NA – 1st Runner-up, Chase Lim (55.31s) Suzuki Swift Sport

VTEC/MIVEC – 4th Runner-up, Benjamin Wong (57.46s) Honda EG6

1,800cc NA – Champion, Chase Lim (54.77s) Suzuki Swift Sport


– Champion, Sen Koh (53.65s) Toyota GT86

–  1st Runner-Up, Smith Foo (55.24s) Nissan Silvia S15

Fastest Time of the Day Award – Sen Koh